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A typical Vietnamese meal consists of rice or noodles with soup, stir-fry, and another main dish and is eaten on a communal basis. Every member in a Vietnamese family has to take a frugal meal together in happiness. In general, a typical meal will include the following ingredients:
Rice:    The unhusked paddy of an ordinary variety of rice is put a pot containing boiling water. It is heated until all the water has evaporated and then the temperature of the fire is lowered and then the temperature of the fire is lowered and the pot lid remains hermetically sealed to the pot until it is time for consumption. Well-cooked rice is palatable, somewhat plastic (we say that the rice is done exactly to a turn), and has the flavor of the unhusked paddy.
Soups: Vegetable soup cooked with pig-ribs, soar crab soup, fish soup.
Several dishes: Meat, fish, shrimp, soy curd, and various vegetable browned in oil, pickled vegetable, pickled eggplant, etc.
The tradition Vietnamese breakfast is “Pho” – a large bowl of rice noodles flavored with sliced beef or chicken and fragrant broth and garnished with fresh coriander and bean sprouts.
The countries 3 main regions, the North, the Center and the South each have distinct cuisine. Generally, the North is best know for its noodles soup and meat and seafood stir-fries. The Central region especially around Hue has some of the most elaborate dishes. In the South, where there is a greater abundance of spices the food tends to be a little hotter.
Fruits: Grapefruit ( Buoi ), Rambutan ( chom chom ), pineapple (Dua ), Custard-apple (Na), Longan (Nhan), Durian ( Sau Rieng )…
Drinks: inclused tea, Ricealcohol and other Spirits, especially “Ruu Can”-a famous drinks in the highland areas.

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